Mindful Muse Collaboration

mindful muse + intentionaliteas

Transform your life! A beautiful collaboration with Dharma Richards and Intentionaliteas to guide you through the magick of yoga and ritual through sacred teachings, supportive herbal teas, and the corresponding tools delivered right to your door each month.

Mindful Muse Sacred Circle is a group of Modern-Day goddesses who honor themselves, their families and friends, Mother Nature, and the world around us through yoga, ritual, ceremony, and everyday practical magick!

Considered to be the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, songs, and myths that were related orally for centuries in ancient cultures, the Muse embodies artistic inspiration and creative spirit.

Discover how to participate in, develop and host a magickal sacred circle of feminine wisdom for your community. Dharma shares her in-depth knowledge of and devotion to the sacred feminine through ritual, ceremony, and celebration.  Unleash your magick by joining the Mindful Muse community ranging from online classes and trainings to in-person ritual and celebrations.

We are so accustomed to looking for happiness outside of ourselves. It's time to look within… where it has always been and will always continue to be. The Mindful Muse gives you a variety of usable tools, knowledge and experiences to return to your own true nature. Mindful Muse provides the tools, knowledge, and experiences to return to your own TRUE NATURE!

Through deep inward exploration you will find your own insights and awakenings, practices and schedules, and creative bursts that will feed your soul… that ever-present and über powerful bliss within. Tap into that sacred spark within by infusing your spiritual tools with mindful intention, and calling upon divine grace and guidance in your everyday life.​

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